Girls can be legitimate baseball fans – and not just butt watchers

Girls Like Baseball Too

We’ve all witnessed the scene – whether it’s in a movie or real life – where a girl attends a sporting event, has no idea what’s going on, and embarrasses herself because of her ignorance. It provides some entertainment, makes you laugh, and builds up the stereotype that women and sports do not mix.
Of course that statement isn’t entirely true, and it seems to be less true as time goes on. The majority of my girlfriends who follow any sport tend to be football fans. I’m not sure if that’s the normal for all women, or if it’s just my friends in particular. Personally, I couldn’t care less about football. One of my best girlfriends is an avid hockey fan and could probably put most men to shame when discussing the NHL. While I do like hockey, I wouldn’t consider it to be “my” sport. “My” sport, without a doubt, is baseball.
Yes, girls like baseball too. And not just because we like looking at ball player’s butts in those tight pants.
Many times over the last few weeks I’ve thought to myself “Girls like baseball too – I’m going to write about that!” but never actually sat down to write anything down. Obviously I’m not the only girl in the world who likes the sport of baseball (and is not a professional butt watcher at games, as a friend of mine claims to be), but it seems like female baseball fans are a significant minority, or we aren’t taken seriously as legitimate fans.
It’s incredibly ironic how I started writing about this. This morning I sat down at my computer wearing a pink and purple dress. My hair and makeup was nicely done. I typed the words “girls like baseball too” and realized how unbelievable this had to look. Yes, here’s a girlie girl at her laptop getting ready to write about baseball. This is certain to turn into an article about baseball pants and who are the best looking players in Major League Baseball.
For the record, I was dressed nicely because today is Sunday and I was ready to go to morning mass. Also, I could write about baseball pants and good looking players – because I am a female and yes I do notice those things. But if I took my focus in that direction, I lose all credibility for the point I’m trying to make – girls like baseball too!
The typical scene in my house each night is a bit hectic. My husband is a lifelong Maryland resident and Orioles fan. Since we live in Maryland (about halfway between the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals), he gets to watch his team on TV, in high definition, on the home broadcast, every night. Meanwhile, I’ve paid for a subscription to MLB TV so I can watch my New York Yankees play on the laptop in my bedroom. Sometimes I am lucky and ESPN or the MLB channel will broadcast the Yankees games – but I still have to watch it on my small bedroom TV without HD.
My husband, the avid Orioles fan, hates the Yankees. Seriously, I think he has a physical reaction to the hatred he feels for the team. It sometimes causes some friction in our household, especially since the Orioles are actually playing well, leading the American League East, and generally kicking the Yankees’ asses. That doesn’t stop me from updating him about games and what the team is doing. (Although he’s probably not listening half the time.)
Think about going to a baseball game and actually sitting in the stands. There are definitely girls (and some guys) who clearly have no idea what’s going on in the game, probably don’t care too much, and are on their smart phones. Then there is the other group of people who are drinking beer, loud, and giving amateur game analysis to the strangers next to them. I am definitely in that second group.
This summer, I set a goal for myself to see my three favorite baseball teams play in their home stadiums. On June 22 I was in the Bronx, at Yankee Stadium (for the first time ever in my life) watching the Orioles play my Yankees. It was a disaster of a game for Yankee fans. The Orioles beat the Yankees 8-0 for Masahiro Tanaka’s second loss since coming to the United States. (Husband was at home in Maryland watching on TV and loving every minute of it.) I went to the game with two of my girlfriends – one a semi-serious baseball fan, and one who understands baseball but doesn’t care to follow it. The trip to Yankee Stadium was a huge deal for me, and I had warned them I was going to get really into the game. Even with that warning, they were still a little shocked when I stood up and yelled some very unkind words to the Yankees substitute third baseman.
My four game goal has turned into a total of six games, at a total of four stadiums, and seeing seven teams all together. I can’t help but think that if I even try to top that for the 2015 season, it’s going to cost me a fortune.
I don’t remember ever learning about baseball – in many ways I feel like I’ve always known and understood baseball, almost as if I was born with the knowledge. (I’m sure I wasn’t – but it’s a fun idea to consider.) I’ve been an active baseball fan for seventeen years, although some years I did not follow the sport closely for various reasons. Most of the players I started out watching have now retired and are coaches, managers, or announcers. Young players who are just now starting their careers site some of my favorite players as their childhood idols. That’s part of the fun for me – seeing baseball passed down from generation to generation.
As a baseball fan, I consider myself lucky because there is no other sport I love more than this one. Maybe I’m in the minority being a girl baseball fan, but I don’t let that get to me. If the guys want to discuss game details, I’ll be right there with them and join the conversation. If someone wants my opinion of a player, I’ll base it on their stats and performance rather than how they look in baseball pants.
I’m a girl and I’m a baseball fan. Do I think some of the players are hot? Absolutely. Do I have a preference of American League versus National League? Do I scrutinize the starting lineups and batting orders of games? Do I often yell at the TV/the managers decisions during a game? Yes, yes, and yes – and I can explain my opinions in detail and back them up with stats.
It might not be the norm, and it might be somewhat unexpected – but girls like baseball too. We’re a great group of girls, and we just might surprise you how much we actually love, understand, and appreciate this great game!


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