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Farewell Captain

It’s no secret that Derek Jeter is retiring. We are all aware of this, and we have been for many months. With his final game at Yankee Stadium just hours away, it’s becoming more real by the minute.

There has been no shortage of tributes to The Captain from various sources, and understandably so. With the Hall of Fame worthy career  he’s had – he deserves every tribute. For nearly two decades he’s been the shortstop for the Yankees, and has conducted himself beautifully.

That being said, Jeter has never been one of my favorite players. In no way do I dislike him – he’s just not my personal favorite. So I haven’t written a tribute because I can’t write something as touching as so many other fans have.

But today, I read a blog post from Bleeding Yankee Blue about Derek Jeter’s dash. When his plaque goes up in Monument Park, there will be a start year, a final year, and a dash between. What matters the most is what you do in that dash.

For me, Derek Jeter’s dash represents all the years I know of baseball. From the day I started watching baseball in 1997, Derek Jeter has been the shortstop for the Yankees. Baseball has changed a lot in that time, and Jeter has always been the constant.

When he leaves the field for the last time, I know my heart will break. It will feel like a best friend is leaving – and even if you see each other again, it will never been the same.

Baseball will continue on as it always has. There have been captains before and there will be captains again. But for a younger baseball fan, I only know Derek Jeter as the Yankees captain. It’s an unsettling feeling going forward and knowing that won’t be true in 2015.

Somehow, I failed to realize this until today.

So – farewell, Captain. I wish you all the best for the future, and thank you for all your dash represents to me, and to everyone.

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