Girls can be legitimate baseball fans – and not just butt watchers

Just about a week ago, I wrote this lengthy piece about being an Alex Rodriguez fan – and that if I hadn’t given up yet, I probably never would. While that is still true, it becomes increasingly harder everyday. Yesterday, we heard news of his secret confession in Florida.

What does the confession change? Likely nothing, as far as MLB goes. He was given his punishment and served his time. Will the Yankees try to use this as a way to remove him from the team? Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind – and I have a gut feeling about it – but at this point I just don’t care.

This story just won’t go away. Never in my life have I ever felt like Florida was such a creepy place. And every time the story resurfaces, just when you thought it was over and the worst of the story was told, there are even more creepy details.

Rodriguez confessed his involvement with Biogensis and use of PEDs to the DEA, behind closed doors, so he could be granted immunity from prosecution. This in an of itself is not necessarily a bad thing – I believe any lawyer would advise their client to take such a deal, and anyone in Rodriguez’s position would likely do the same – just like the other MLB players involved in the case did.

What bothers me about this is it happened in January – about 9 months ago now – and there hasn’t been a good opportunity to speak up in all that time? (In his defense, Rodriguez hasn’t said a whole lot in his year off anyway.) In January the height of A-Rod hatred had probably peaked after months of fighting everyone involved in a “witch hunt” against him. It couldn’t have gotten any worse by speaking then. People already hate you – so why not just be honest? Just tell your story, fess up to what you’ve done wrong, and then go spend your season off in silence.

Why admit your mistakes only in private? I do respect his decision to be truthful to anyone, at any time – but why not come clean to the public as well? We are the ones who had to endure the circus created at ballparks across America. Baseball fans are the ones who watched as you sued MLB and bad mouthed their entire organization. We might have our own criticisms of Bud Selig and MLB, but no one else in history had disrupted all of baseball expressing their opinions.

Maybe infamous cousin Yuri pressured Rodriguez into it. Maybe Rodriguez is actually so stupid he fell for Bosch’s fake doctor act. Maybe someone put a gun to Rodriguez’s head and would kill him if he didn’t follow the Biogenesis plan. Whatever led him there doesn’t matter. Alex Rodriguez is a 39-year-old man who needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Forget children looking up to professional athletes as role models – there have been too many bad examples for that to be possible anymore. But this man is a father with two young daughters who are going to learn from his actions – or inaction. What kind of example does that set for them? If you do something wrong, just hide? It’s okay to lie when you mess up?

Despite the fame (or infamy), the money, and the celebrity girlfriends, Alex Rodriguez is still a human – and no human is infallible. We all make mistakes – and we all love a comeback story. This particular story just might be too disgusting for anyone still involved to have a redemption, but there is a very slim possibility left.

There wasn’t much time left for Alex Rodriguez to improve his career or public image – and there’s even less time now. If he wants any chance to redeem himself in even the slightest way, he needs to do something immediately, and it needs to be honest and sincere. No one is going to believe what he says anyway, but if tries to tell the truth publicly for once, he might finally learn it’s the right thing to do.

I’ll still hope for the best in this story, but each day my outlook gets a little more bleak. Even the most optimistic and dedicated fan will eventually reach their breaking point.

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