Girls can be legitimate baseball fans – and not just butt watchers

This piece is not a well researched work about baseball. This piece is honestly not that well thought-out. If you’re looking for something amazing…this is probably not the piece for you.

At this very moment, I am sitting in my bed watching one of my favorite movies, Gone With the Wind. Tonight is the first night all week I am sure I will be able to get a good night’s sleep, even though I have to wake up early to sing at Thanksgiving mass tomorrow. I am perfectly happy with this scenario. Tonight, I am taking some time to relax and do what I want (write a baseball blog)…and I don’t feel the least bit guilty!

The majority of my “free” time has been devoted to school work. That comma in the title of this piece, the little mark of punctuation between “baseball” and “statistics” signals the difference between enjoyment and a semester of frustration. “Baseball statistics” is something we, as baseball fans, are all familiar with – and we love baseball statistics (to varying degrees). But non-baseball statistics…analyzing data to calculate confidence intervals and tests of significance…that’s a whole other story.

I’ve taken a very non-traditional approach to my education which has lead me to taking college statistics this semester, with some students who are actually young enough I could be there mother. But yet here I am, just about to finish the semester and this class, and constantly wondering when the hell I may ever use this information.

Of all the data to analyze in all the world, not one time did we discuss baseball. I would love to properly calculate an ERA (I honestly cannot do it – but I get a little better each season) than study data about Facebook usage or corn plant production or hypothetical water pollution. Give me a topic of interest, and maybe I will be a little more accepting of this subject!

Here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful time to be with family – and I have spent time with them today, and will again tomorrow. For now, everyone is settling down before the excitement of tomorrow. What do I have to be thankful for this year? There are always, every year, more things than I could even mention. I have a home, a job, family and friends, and so many other things I know I take for granted every day.

Since I’m writing this piece and publishing it on my blog, I can’t help but think of yet another thing to be thankful for. In all honesty, I have no business writing a baseball blog. I am just a fan writing my opinions, and I did so in my own little corner of the internet fully expecting no one to ever read my posts. Fast forward a little bit, and my little amateur blog is now connected to the BYB Hub along with several other baseball blogs – some well established and some beginners like me.

Any baseball fan can connect with the BYB Hub, which is important to me because I actually have three favorite teams (of course Yankees are #1). I can write about any of my teams or any baseball topic and it shows up on the BYB Hub website. It’s exciting to me as a baseball fan to have such quick access to all these other personal perspectives of baseball… And it’s surreal to me as one of the writers that my dinky little blog can be connected in any way to respected blogs that I already read and follow.

I’m not only going to be thankful for the honor of being connected to the BYB Hub, I’m going to encourage any of you baseball fans reading this to check out the website yourself and to share it with your friends. My blog is small, and it’s really taken a backseat to my class this semester – but there are some really incredible writers on this page, and they are pouring their heart and soul into their writing.

So friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with family and friends. And say a prayer, cross your fingers, whatever you do, that I get a good grade when I take my final exam next week. If all goes well, I will hopefully be back to writing again soon for whatever few people stop by my corner of the internet!

And don’t forget – check out my friends on the BYB Hub!


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