Girls can be legitimate baseball fans – and not just butt watchers

A few weeks ago I found myself in an interesting conversation about being a baseball fan. Can you only have one favorite team or can you have multiple favorites?

My husband (the Orioles fan) and I (the Yankees fan) have friends who are married and Guy is an Orioles fan, while Girl is a Yankees fan. (Sound familiar?) They were over a few weeks ago and baseball came up. Guy said to me:

“You’re a Yankees fan, right?
Would you consider yourself a hardcore fan?”
“I’d like to think so…”
So what do you think of the Orioles?”
“I like them just fine – when they’re not playing the Yankees.”

Then Girl says to her husband “I told you!” (We girls are like that. I know. I’ve done it myself.)

The point is – at least in my opinion – that it’s perfectly acceptable to have multiple favorite teams. It may be two favorite teams, it may be twelve – but most of us are fans of the game first and the team second (although it might be a close second). If you didn’t have your favorite team, would you give up on the sport entirely or find another favorite?

In a way, this is how I became a Yankees fan. There’s more to that story, but basically there is no logical reason why a girl who grew up with the Indians and lives between the Orioles and Nationals would be a Yankees fan. I have no connection to New York other than the fact that I love the city and their baseball team.

I’ve said before that I have four favorite baseball teams – all mentioned above. Growing up with the Indians, and seeing them go through such terrible and great times, I will always be a fan. Even if I am not as knowledgeable about their team as I once was, that fandom will never die. Geography has made me an Orioles/Nationals fan, which is good…because I have never followed a National League team before. That’s been a big adjustment for me!

Anyone who has talked baseball with me knows my allegiances aren’t split evenly. You all know – without the slightest doubt – that the Yankees are first on my list. But no matter what order I rank the teams, I always hope they all do well. (Unless they’re playing each other. Then things get a little more complicated.)

In some ways, following multiple teams makes me love and appreciate the game so much more. Not only am I watching what four teams are doing, but I’m seeing what the opponents are doing too. That alone keeps me up-to-date with what’s happening all around MLB – good and bad.

And it’s especially helpful for weekends like these. While the Yankees are playing in Oakland and have 10:05pm starts for the next 3 days (past my bedtime), I can watch the Orioles at home against the Rays, or the Nats in Cincinnati. (The Indians are also on the west coast, beating out the Yankees with start times of 10:10pm – way past my bedtime.) There are still two teams on the east coast to prevent me from going into full baseball withdrawal!

So what are your thoughts? Can you have multiple favorite teams, or are you limited to just one? And – more interesting – if you have more than one favorite team, or even just another team you kinda like – who are they?

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